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How do I make an appointment?

You can send an email to (preferably), or call: (+351)920351927

How much is a session and how long is it?

An individual session is €70 and it’s usually 45 minutes long; couples' sessions are €80 and are 60 minutes long.

Do I have to wait a long time do get an appointment?

Usually it is possible to get an appointment quite soon; however there could be periods  of time when there is a longer waiting period, and even a waiting list.

Is the first appointment paid?

The first appointment is a non-paid short meeting where we can briefly discuss what brings you to therapy at this moment in your life, and what are the best options for you currently. Then, we take it from there.

Can I have all my sessions paid for me by my insurance company?

You must pay for your sessions yourself, and then apply for a reimbursement. Some Insurance companies like Ageas group (Axa, Sabserg, etc), and more recently Multicare, have established protocols with the Portuguese Board of Psychology (OPP) and can reimburse up to 18 sessions. In order to have more information about reimbursement you must check with your insurance company.

What is online counselling and what can I expect from it?

Online counselling, or Teletherapy, is a chance for us to meet wherever you are. The format is the same as if you would come to the practice (an individual 45 minute session) where we work together towards your goals for better health, but we meet online (in a secure platform used specifically for telehealth).

How often should I have a session?

This is something we can discuss together, because it depends on several factors, but once a week is the most common frequency.

What if I can’t afford it?

Then, we decide together what is the best solution; different prices are available for different situations, and we can make decisions about frequency based on your specific situation.

Should there be any other question, please feel free to send an email or call.

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