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It seems that, more and more, people are searching for support, looking into how they can bring change upon their lives, and knowing that they don't have to do it alone.

In order to be able to support more people, we are gradually creating a team, a group of people that love their work and want to be present, and work together with you, in this important project of making your life better.

Meet Isa

  Born and raised in the countryside of Portugal, I have Leiria engraved in my heart.

  Genuine and spontaneous in relationship with those who cross my path, and true

to myself and to the human values I believe in.

  Restless by nature and driven by curiosity, I see in leaving the comfort zone

an essential engine for self-knowledge and self-discovery.

  Owner of a free spirit, I know like the back of my hand the agitation and

calm of the places from the world where I lived and worked, where I overcame myself.

  My passion and interest for Psychology and Psychoanalysis began since early age. I wanted to understand people better, their deep needs and shadows, as well as meet their potential and beauty. Being able to help others towards their journey of self-discovery and psychological well-being soon became a life mission.

  My approach is an in-depth type of psychotherapy based on Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, combined with Integrative Psychotherapy, in which the therapeutic relationship is key and where different therapeutic tools and approaches are used to fit the needs of the individual client.

  My mission is to help you overcome any issues that may be causing you emotional pain or distress, making you feel disconnected, lonely or resentful; exploring your own insights about who you are and your history, where there is no room for judgment and where together we can discover where you come from and where you are going.

Therapy can be in English or Portuguese.



  My academic life was mainly in Portugal, where I became a licensed Clinical Psychologist (MA), specializing in Psychopathology and Dynamic Psychotherapies, by the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Coimbra.

  I’m currently taking a post-graduation in Third Generation Therapies (Mindfulness, ACT and Compassion Focused Therapy), and I’m also on my personal process to become a Psychotherapist.

  I'm a member of Portuguese Board of Psychology (OPP), international affiliate member of American Psychological Association (APA), registered EuroPsy Psychologist by European Federation of Psychologists' Association and registered on the Portuguese Health Regulatory Authority (ERS).


  I have worked in very different settings, from charities to public schools, private practice, addiction rehab centre, private integrated continuous care unit, and NHS hospital services.

  I have been working with children, adolescents and adults in national and international settings.

Passionate about humanitarian values and missions, I was also committed with some volunteering projects in Portugal and abroad, in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) and Ghana.

 My main experience has been working as a Clinical Psychologist, doing psychological assessment, providing counselling and support psychotherapy.

  I have worked abroad, in the UK and Iceland, for almost 4 years; I currently work in Lisbon.

Meet Malitsa


  My name is Malitsa Francisco. I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology

from ISPA (Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada) and I'm in training

to become a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist.

  I´m from Maputo, Mozambique, but have been living in Lisbon for the past 10 years. As an expat myself I think I can provide a special insight for those in a similar situation. Being away from home can come with its own struggles…

  I've worked with children, teenagers and adults, dealing with a variety

of issues such as depression, grief, anxiety, low self-esteem. However,

  I don't think that psychotherapy is only suitable when in the presence of illness. Anyone interested in understanding themselves better would benefit from this process.

  Psychotherapy is a journey that takes oneself to many places, internal ones, memories, emotions, childhood, family. It leads to discoveries. Discovery of our history, our experiences, our past… the good things, the harder ones, the transitions, the life cycles.

  It's also a journey because it's always better when we do it accompanied. As a mental health professional I'll be there in every step of the way to help you think, feel and live whatever is inside you: your fears, dreams, anguishes, doubts and joys.

Meet Lena

  Hi, my name is Olena (Lena - is short variant) Diveeva;

I am a couples and individual psychologist and counsellor

and I love my job. I am also a Ukrainian and an immigrant.

  In Ukraine, I worked as a member of the Board of the Association of CBT therapists, was among the founders of the EFT union, and also founded my own center where my colleagues and I helped clients in the direction of schema therapy, CBT, EFT, EMDR and other modern evidence-based approaches.

  I am a big fan of science and believe that everything we do in psychotherapy should be tested and measured to achieve the desired changes as quickly and effectively as possible.

  During the war I started my life in sunny Portugal and continued my career as an expat.

  My favorite part of my work is couples counseling, I use the EFT approach which gives 70-90% of the results for clients, I love to see how families become more warm and understanding.

  My other narrow specialization is work with Attention Deficit Disorder; I have it myself and I am happy to work with adults who have ADHD in the self-organization skills management program in the CBT model - it helps me and my clients as well.

  And also, of course, I work with a large field of requests, low mood, anxiety, and have 14 years of experience in working with adults.

  In Ukraine, I had a practice in a hospital with veterans, my university is Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. I also belong to the following professional unions, I am an international association of EFT (, CBT therapists (

  I will be happy to help you, and with your help also my country.  I transfer the third part of my income to my country to win this unjust war.

(currently sessions are only available online)




    Hello, my name is Casandra Costa. I was born in Argentina

in 1979 in a beautiful city at the foot of the Andean mountain range

called Mendoza. I had my first cross-cultural experience at the age of ten

when my family moved to the south of Brazil, where I lived until I was twenty-five.

Since 2007 I have lived in Portugal, a country I fell in love with due to its rich culture and people's friendliness. 


    I have a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from ISPA – Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada. At the same institute, I did a professional internship for the Portuguese Board of Psychology (OPP) at the CEC – Clinical Ethnopsychoanalysis Center. I am an associate member of psychoanalytic training at APPPP. 


    From my experience living in foreign countries, interest emerged in working with patients from different parts of the world and trying to understand the importance of "being for the other" in the light of psychoanalysis. 

    Throughout my clinical practice, I have perceived the impact territorial displacements can have on psychic and emotional integration due to the loss of culture, language and, in general, the identity experience.  


    Regardless of the conditions in which each immigrant travels, there is a need to grieve the cultural identity that was left behind. At the same time, there is a constant work of assimilation of the new culture to support the integration. In this sense, I help the patient look at his emotional condition, where relationships present themselves as anchoring security and psychological well-being. 


    I am an associate member in training at APPPP - Portuguese Association of Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (359) and; Effective member of the Portuguese Board of Psychology (OPP): 23981.

Sessions can be in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Meet Léa

I founded Lisbon Psychology

and I'm so happy to see this project grow.

You can learn more about me here

©2023 by Lisbon Psychology

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