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Services I Offer

Finding the Way Together


Individual sessions for Adults and Adolescents, in English or Portuguese

Online Counselling

Getting support  wherever you are, using a specific platform for e-health where your privacy is secured

Psychological Assessment

A combination of techniques designed to assess cognitive functioning, skills, personality traits and emotional aspects, in Children and Adults

Consultancy & Workshops

For companies, associations or institutions, other professionals or family members who might be in need of a mental health professional to provide information, and work with individuals or groups, on the following subjects:
Depression, Anxiety, Adapting to new cultures and environments, Mourning and Grief, Interpersonal  Relationships, Self-Knowledge and Well-being, Teenagers and Mental Health, Supporting Children through Mourning and other Life changing events, 3rd Culture Kids and Transitions.


– €70 per session (45 minutes) - individual

– €80 per session (60 minutes) - couples

       Relevant info:

– the first appointment is shorter and mainly for us to meet each other, to decide whether or not psychotherapy is what you need at the moment, and what are your best options, so it’s not paid

– we have a sliding scale

Each client will meet a strictly ethical, empathetic, supportive, structured, professional approach.

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